Southern Mold

Family owned and operated for over 30 years.

Southern Mold was founded in 1979. Located in Johnston City, Illinois, our team has over 100 years of combined polishing experience.
The companies president, James 'Ted' Oxendine, has 28 years of experience polishing everything from diecast to high diamond finishes. Ted and his team of 15 polishing experts, including his two sons Brad and Nick, have years of experience in the industries most advanced polishing techniques.

Mold Polishing

Our engineers are experienced with Healing Brush, File Techniques, Pattern Maker, Auto Color Correction and Workspace Presets

Specialty Services

High Diamond Finishes
Reducing Orange Peel
Hiding Welds Sharpening Parting Lines
Fast Turnaround w/ Quality work


Whether your mold is a Diecast or Plastic Injection, we can help you get the finish you need.

Pickup & Delivery

Need us to pick up your mold? No Problem. Our team can come on site, load your mold onto a truck and bring back to our shop for repair.

Pickup and delivery service anywhere in the continental United States, and molds up to 3.5 tons, please contact us today.

Onsite Services

Want us to come on site? Do you have a mold cavity that is too large or costly to transport? Our engineers can bring their tools onsite to make your mold perfect.

U.S., Mexico, and Canada only, extra fees may be incurred for some destinations. Contact us today for a quote.

When you have a deadline, who do you trust?

With unparallelled experience and skill in the industry, Southern Mold is a trusted partner when you have millions on the line.

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